Massage & Bodywork

Let's get you better shall we?

Intuitive Massage- 60 or 90 min

This is where a lot of the magic happens. Here I use all of my knowledge in cranial sacral therapy, myo-facial release, deep tissue, trigger point therapy, somatic therapy, and Ayurvedic medicine to work with your physical and energetic body to help bring you back to balance.

Abhyanga Massage- 90 min

This a very specific Indian Ayurvedic treatment that uses hot herbal medicinal oils and fast rhythmic motions to penetrate deep into muscles for release and relaxation on a cellular level. It is a great way to detox the body for weight loss, allergy symptoms, chronic fatigue, and over worked adrenals. In this body treatment there is very little draping used so your chest and buttocks may be exposed at various points. It also  includes oil on the scalp tat will need to be washed out in your home after the treatment. 

Pregnancy Massage-75 min

Plain and simple this is about holistic pre-natal/postnatal care. We will address all of the specific aches and pain from the beautiful being growing inside of you as well as the stress and trauma that can occur afterwards.

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