Sadiqua Iman

Many years ago I suffered from severe stomach discomfort. It was so painful I found myself taking medication every night, just so that I could sleep. I went to the doctor se​veral times, during different intensities of my illness, and was given medication after medication  and still no answers as to what was causing the pain. This exasperated the depression and anxiety I was already battling due to hormonal imbalances. Finally it became so bad I had to go to the emergency room and have my appendix removed. The morning after my surgery, I was given coffee, pancakes, and a cup of chilled fruit. Now, I was not convinced that I knew more than the doctors per se, but It seemed pretty clear that one should not have coffee and sugary syrups right after a surgery due to bad digestion. 


Months after my surgery the pain began to return, and a year later, I ended up back in the ER. Clearly this "traditional" method was not working. I was pretty health conscious, so I thought. I had been teaching dance and fitness classes for years, and made healthy choices more often than not, yet here I was, back in the ER, getting a new list of medications to take. 


This happened to have happened right before I started massage school, and I made sure to take a special interest in all things digestive and emotional during my schooling. After graduation, I continued my focus in natural medicine in an attempt to heal my own body. Through much study, research, practice, and continuing education, I not only found the root cause of my dis-ease, but was able to connect the dots to the many factors that led to my poor health.


Now I am offering all that I have learned on my personal journey to clients all across the country through pop-up shops, workshops, and public speaking engagements. The home of my current private practice is Seattle, WA.  All of my services are integrative and based on your individual needs. Even if you can not commit to a long term health regime with me, I encourage you to try my services, because even one session could open your eyes to possibilities of better health, within your power. I have no desire to heal you, I want to guide you to learn how to heal yourself.

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